Call Us Right Away When a Fire Starts

Call Us Right Away When a Fire Starts

Expert fire mitigation services in Missoula, MT

Has a fire caused devastating damage to your home or property? With our fire mitigation services here at Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc., we can, not only help to minimize further damage to your home after a fire has occurred, but help you communicate with your insurance company adjuster. We’ve typically found that after our clients have a fire loss, they’re in such a large amount of shock that having a liaison like Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc. can be a major benefit to them and their families.

Our team will assess the damage with your adjuster then remove any and all debris that has been affected by the fire to ensure your home is ready for restoration, or the “re-build” phases of the project. We at Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc. also are familiar with the schedule or normal happenings with the claims process and will assist, if you so choose, with the typical order of things. As most adjusters have multiple claims going at the same time, we can also assist with moving things along quicker than they sometimes go.

Although a fire in your home is one of the most major things that can happen to displace you or your family, Jared Langley Enterprise is here to help. Call 406-251-7916 now to schedule our fire mitigation services.

Why is fire mitigation important?

Although rare, house fires do happen and fire mitigation is an extremely important part of the process to help get you back into your home again and comfortable. The process is typically stressful on a family and we do our best to minimize the trauma.

Even if flames didn’t completely burn your home, smoke and odors can have long lasting effects if not treated. When you hire Jared Langley Enterprises for fire mitigation, we’ll make sure we do what’s necessary to remove the smoke smell and repair the water damage that occurs from extinguishing the fire.

If you’re one of the unfortunate few that gets to experience a fire loss, whether it be large or small, you can entrust us to make sure your home is back to pre-loss condition in the quickest time frame possible as well as informing you, our client, of anticipated time frames and what we expect while dealing with different insurance companies.