Happy Holidays

We want to give a huge thank you to Montana and Idaho for helping us bring our 30th year of business to a close. We look forward to serving you and our future generations. Happy Holidays from our families to yours.

Looking for clean, responsible people to work on a roofing crew! Full/ Part Time

Positions consist of helping with removal and re-application of asphalt shingles. Experience not necessary, but helpful. Long term empployment and possibility of managing a crew and a company vehicle if driving record and personality fit. Summertime help needed as well. Must have transportation to and from job sites/ shop in Missoula. $12-$20/hr to start DOE […]

Congratulations to the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office


Are you considering remodeling an area of your home? Perhaps there is a wall between two rooms that you would like removed to make one big room, a closet that just needs more space, or a bathroom with two sinks instead of one. Making the decision to remodel anything can be scary. A lot of […]

Precision Roofing

When it comes to your roof, you want precision work and to have a wonderful, non-invasive experience, but how does the normal layperson know the difference? We’re pleased to take the time to show you some pictures of what we do at Jared Langley Roofing and Remodel, to ensure your satisfaction and go past the […]

Roof Insulation Issues

In the Northerly climates, we can tell a lot about the insulation we have in our attics by looking at our roof after a snowfall or frost, without even having to get into the attic! Simply observing your roof can tell you a lot about the health of your insulation. A good experiment is to […]

Montana Mended Hearts

To all, Denise Donahue, who, along with the terrific people she works with at Missoula County, has given me the opportunity to let everybody know they’re having a bake sale to benefit “Montana Mended Hearts”. Any of you who’ve got businesse…s and want to make a small or large contribution would be appreciated more than […]

Langley Restoration, Mitigation, and Repairs –

Water is wonderful for many things; unfortunately it can also cause freakish amounts of damage.  Water damage can be extremely harmful to your residence or business. At Langley Restoration Contracting, We’re here to help take the pressure off of you in those times of panic. Many homes experience some sort of water damage at one […]

Winter Home Safety Checks

WINTER / SAFETY CHECKS As we enjoy this beautiful winter weather here in the Northwest, we’ve hopefully prepared our homes for the cold season. Winter brings snow and snow becomes water. Water can be a destructive force for our homes that can lead to wood rot, peeling paint, shorter lifespan of roofing and siding and […]

Do you have an Insurance Claim?

FILING AN INSURANCE CLAIM ON YOUR RESIDENCE, RENTAL OR COMMERCIAL PROPERTY? Do you wonder whether or not you have a claim to file on your home insurance policy…. or even whether you should?  Do you worry about your insurance rates going up if you do file a claim?  Does your homeowner’s insurance policy cover your […]