Prevent Water From Further Damaging Your Home.

Prevent Water From Further Damaging Your Home.

Schedule water mitigation services in Missoula, MT

From a faulty washing machine, bad hose on your dishwasher, leaky sink plumbing, broken ice maker line, frozen hose bib, blown off roof or shingles, to a leaky pipe, the possible causes of water damage to your home are endless. With water mitigation services from Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc. we’ll minimize the amount of damage to your property after the disaster has occurred to prepare for the restoration of your home. Please bear in mind, the sooner we’re called after you notice the problem, the sooner we can get it fixed and stop the progressive damage that typically occurs. As a bit of preventative maintenance, if you’re going on vacation, try to have someone scheduled to look in on your home as frequently as possible.

If left alone, water damage can weaken the structure of your home, produce musty odors, cause mold to grow, cause warping, only to mention a few of the potential damages. This is why it’s important to schedule water mitigation services right away.

Note: Most insurance policies don’t cover ground water flooding, but do cover a hose bib (exterior hose faucet) claims. As a preventative maintenance tip, we always recommend disconnecting all hoses from the exterior hose bibs prior to the weather getting down to the freezing point. Also, when using hoses for the first time in the spring, please listen for running water in the framing cavities to make sure a leak in the pipe isn’t present.

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What you can expect after water damage strikes?

In the event of water damage, the team at Jared Langley Enterprises will get the job done. Our work includes but is not limited to:

  • Removal of damaged flooring,
  • Removal of damaged sheet rock,
  • Removal of damaged insulation,
  • Mold and mildew prevention, and more.

We’ll examine your home to locate the source of the damage and quickly prep it for correction. Contact us today to discuss your water problems with an insurance restoration consultant in Missoula, Montana.