Happy spring!

While weather in the northwest is not always known for following the calendar, March 20th marked the first official day of spring! Here at our Missoula Roofing, Restoration and Construction office, we’re loving the warmer temperatures and seeing the sun again after all those gloomy, wet winter days – and our crews and clients out in the field are too! Our construction professionals work year round, but snow and ice can cause complications on any project, just as they can cause damages to your home.


Now, with spring just around the corner and the snow melting, compromised roofs may begin to leak, and problems previously hidden by a layer of ice could become apparent in your sheetrock, insulation and siding, just to mention a few potential trouble areas. Spring cleaning is a must – and so is thinking about this year’s home improvements and repairs. Please be aware when looking at your roof from the ground, that the shingles will typically have a “curled at the edges” visual affect if they’re getting older. If you can’t remember the last time your roof was replaced/inspected and it looks a little worse for wear, it’s always better to be safe than sorry and get it looked at and replaced while the weather is good so you’re prepared for whatever the future may bring – be it sunny days or April showers.


You will start out ahead if you get an estimate and begin your project/s early. Here in Montana, we like to take advantage of good weather, and at the first sign of sun, we head outside, but remember that others will have the exact same idea – “spring outdoor activities now, home repairs later”. If you wait until summer to get started on your projects, you’ll be competing with others for placement on the schedule, not to mention getting materials/products that need to be ordered, prior to the project start. Get your estimates called in early and schedule your project so you can move on to your other summer activities worry-free! We offer free estimates for a variety of work on projects from the ground up, and if you decide to hire the best, we’ll help you through every step of the process until completion.