To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of having Jared Langley Enterprises do several repairs on my cabin located in Thompson Falls, Montana, including a new roof and repairing water damage caused by a leaking roof. Through all phases of the project, Jared was always able to answer any questions I might have had, as well as provide insight on the repairs in an extremely timely manner.

Jared made the process of dealing with homeowners insurance a breeze. From the first days of looking at the damage, working through the insurance process to actually getting the work completed, Jared was extremely knowledgeable in the process and was great at explaining all of the timeframes, dates work would be completed, as well as where we might possibly see delays due to having to order custom windows, etc. He was extremely transparent with what was going on "behind the scenes" as the repairs were made in a timely fashion.

As far as the repairs go, I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out. The water damage has been completely fixed and I feel that the repairs have made the cabin better than it was before. The roof looks amazing, and knowing that I don't have to worry about it ever leaking again, knowing that it was repaired correctly and with quality products, gives me peace of mind.

Having been through this process with Jared, I would highly recommend him to anyone. His attention to detail throughout this process has been great. He always welcomed questions and was eager to explain how things would be fixed and taken care of. Again I couldn't be happier with the repairs and will definitely use Jared Langley Enterprises again for any upcoming projects that I might have.

Respectfully yours,

Jay Fassett

September 27, 2016

Mr. Langley,

I recently contracted with your company to replace a 23 year old roof on my recently purchased home. I am writing this letter to complement your company, and the service provided.

In every way possible, your company exceeded expectations. Your estimator arrived promptly, and was able to rapidly sketch up a very complete and detailed representation of the roof. The bid was delivered in a very timely fashion, and came well presented, with a brochure showing clear and well- present options as to the services and selection of roofing options available. The bid price was well within my budgeted price range, and at the conclusion of the job did not contact any unexpected cost overruns. Your crew arrived on schedule, worked quickly and efficiently with the minimal of disruption to both my schedule and my property, and upon their rapid completion, left my property immaculate; other than the brand new roof, there was no sign of their having ever been there. On top of this, the warranty provided was nearly double that provided by other competitors and the timeline in which your crew completed the work was well ahead of any other promised schedule.

There is a saying in business, that in order to be successful one should under-promise but over-deliver. In your case, you were able to do both in regard to the time scheduled to complete the job, in the level of work performed, in the price and competitiveness of your bid, and in the quality of the final product, not to mention the unexpected extended warranty. I would not hesitate to recommend your company in the future.

Thank you,


June 26, 2016
To Whom It May Concern,

In August of 2015, we had a strong wind storm that did significant amount of damage to my roof.

My neighbor recommended that I contact Jared Langley in Missoula to have him repair my damaged roof.

Knowing, I knew a little bit about construction myself, upon contacting Mr. Langley, I found myself being very guarded, wondering if this gentleman was actually as good as I was told.

After extensively talking to Mr. Langley for a good period of time, and asking many questions, I found that Mr. Langley seemed to have all the right answers and explained everything in common form (words) to where I could understand everything he was telling me.

After a couple of conversations, I gave Mr. Langley permission to come to my home and examine the damaged roof.

After this visit, I decided to hire Mr. Langley to repair my damaged Roof.

From that moment forward, Mr. Langley was not only a gentleman, but, if I had any questions, he was also always easy to contact, or returned my call in a very short amount of time.

During the month of June, Mr. Langley's crew of approximately 4 men showed up at my residence.

From the time that Mr. Langley's crew started on my roof, I found that they were not only very polite and respectable, but, they were also very conscientious and courteous about the safety of my animals and property!

In the evenings, the crew always made sure that their tarps and materials were always picked-up and organized.

When the crew was finished with my roof, I proceeded to check their workmanship of the finished product. And with that in mind, I can honestly say, I am very pleased that I chose Mr. Langley and his crew to do the work.

I would highly recommend Langley Enterprises to anyone who needed work done on there residential or business structures!!!

With Great Appreciation,

I recently had repairs done on my roof by Jared Langley Roofing. I have used them once before and can honestly say this company has extremely high standards. Their professionalism, efficiency, and honesty are to be commended.

A recent wind storm brought more shingles down from my roof. Jared Langley was able to repair it within days of my calling. They provided many photos of their "before and after" work. I was highly impressed and am now sleeping with peace of mind that another wind storm is not going to affect my roof!

Thank you for your professional and efficient manner in repairing my home!

We recently had a cedar shake roof replaced on our Big Flat home in Missoula. Jared's team of hard working professional men worked quickly and efficiently. In the extreme heat that Missoula has been experiencing, they worked hard without any complaints....They even brought their own port-a-lotty!!! We are extremely satisfied with the new roof! If you are looking for a roofing Company, we highly recommend Jared Langley Roofing!

-Deb H.

Dear Mr. Langley,

When you came to inspect our sagging roof this past July 17 and diagnosed major structural damage that posed an imminent threat of collapse, I confess I was in a state of shock. But it didn't take more than a few minutes of your clear explanation of the problems and what it would take to fix them to convince me that you knew your business literally inside and out. Now that the major repairs have been finished to our complete satisfaction, my wife and I would like to thank you and your crew for the exceptional work you have done that has made our house even better than new. Even better than new because it is now more structurally sound and safe than when it was built in 1994. We couldn't be more pleased.

From start to finish you provided us, in non-technical language that we could understand, information on what had to be done, what materials would be required, presented us with choices regarding type and color of shingles, and assured us that we would be kept in the loop on a job that took several weeks to complete. Most of that work was done during one of the worst fire and smoke seasons in recent history in western Montana. The quality of the workmanship, attention to detail, and the cleanup inside and out after the work was completed were all of the highest standards. Now we can enjoy our home once again, knowing that both its appearance and its structural integrity reflect the professionalism that is the hallmark of your business. We have told our friends how delighted we are with the outcome and will continue to do so.

Thank you so much!

Steve and Madeline Levine

Hiring Langley Enterprises to shingle our roof and replace rain gutters is one of the best decisions we have made.
Jared has a great personality, was very patient to answer all of my questions, and he personally came to our house to answer.
Langley Ent. Is the most professional company we have ever hired. The roof was completed exactly on time - during a rain storm! The roofing crew worked diligently and the cost was reasonable.
Many thanks Jared & Co. for a job well done!

S. A. Price

May 29, 2018

Jared Langley Enterprises
2425 W Central
Missoula MT 59801

Just wish to thank you for the vast improvements you made to our nearly 50 year old home with new siding, paint, and roofing.

Your personal professional contacts and the very professional employees that did our improvements were very appreciated. Plus the time of completion was highly impressive.

Have been considering some further things to have done and will be sure to contact you as the number one company to look to.

Thanks again.

Jon & Deanna Parker
Frenchtown MT

To anyone who is thinking about a contractor to use for their projects- I'm telling you Jared Langley Enterprises Inc. is hands down spot on with professionalism, respect and details. The company and the employees that represent Jared Langley are some of the best in their jobs. I would use them again and again. Don't think twice.



Thanks for taking care of the house issues in a timely manner. I appreciate the great job you did and going "Above & Beyond" to resolve the curb and kitchen wall. I will certainly be telling my friends and co-workers about your great work!

Thanks Again,

Linda Otway

Jared Langley did a great job repairing and restoring our home after it was destroyed by extensive water damage. He was very attentive to detail in every aspect of the reconstruction, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the repair; plumbing, electrical, and design. Our home is sturdier and looks better than ever. It has essentially the same layout, but Jared made some small adjustments to the design that both actually and visually enhance the flow and sense of space in our very small house. The quality of workmanship is awesome, and his team left the place squeaky clean.
Jared was essential in working with the insurance company, communicated with us regularly and helped to make some pretty devastating damage to our house more bearable. Great customer service and workmanship. Would highly recommend Jared Langley Enterprise for roofing or restoration.

Jon Siegel and Shelly Weston

It's hard to imagine that your home could possibly be as important to someone else as it is to you. In the case of my 80 year old father who is recovering from a broken hip: we recently found out that when it comes to Jared that is exactly what happens.
Jared replaced my fathers roof many years ago. Due to the recent earthquake my fathers home had some minor structural damage that needed to be fixed.
When the damage was repaired by father was concerned about his roof and there was only one person he was willing to call. Within a few days Jared was up on the roof completing an inspection of the roof and making sure that my Dad was safe and taken care of.
When I got the call from Jared letting me know that the roof was not only ok but was in great shape. I asked him to invoice me for the inspection. Jared's reply touched my heart and reaffirmed why my Dad has such great respect and admiration for him.
"There will be no charge for the inspection, I'm happy to do anything to help Noah." "Please let him know I'm always just a phone call away!"
Jared's commitment to his work and his customer was truly amazing. There will never be a roof or remodel that happens in my family that Jared is not the first and only call we will make.
Noah Cuchine / Leta Resner

April 28, 2017

To Jared and Crew:

My husband and I want to thank everyone from the office, Karen and Aileena, to Bill and his crew, to Jared, for the awesome customer service we were given on the re-roofing of our house and shop. The roof looks great as do the seamless gutters and downspouts (so glad we went with Jared's recommendation on those.) The job was done in 2 days from stripping the old roof to the completion of the new one on both the house and shop. The communication through out the whole project was great from everyone any anytime we called with questions, the response time was immediate. JLEI is a wonderful company to work with and they will help you with everything from filing insurance claims to recommendations on what is best for the style of your house. I really enjoyed Bill and his crew when they working on the roof. They were playing their radio and asked me if it bothered me and said they could turn it down or off. Really? I could barely hear it. How considerate! They were all great with my tow dogs and they took the time to meet them so they wouldn't be barking and upset while they were working. The cleanup was awesome. At one point I even saw Bill crawling around on his hands and knees on the grass to make sure they had gotten all the small objects. They are a great team and it shows in the work they do and how they treat their customers. I sure wish more companies cared about the quality and service they provided. Its nice to be treated with so much respect. Anything we have to have done in the future, JLEI will be the first people we call. No matter what you need done, they will supply it and Jared keeps his word. I sure wish I would have known about them when we had to redo our bathroom. We had a terrible experience with the contractor and it was a nightmare. I was so dreading the roofing job but Jared and crew made it a pleasure. They are hands down, THE BEST!


Roann and Paddy

To anyone considering a roof or remodel/ construction job by Jared Langley,

We're pleased with the professionalism of Jared and his crew. We're very happy with the quality of the roof and cleanup around the house. Jared was good at explaining things along the way whenever we called him with questions. Good Communication and fast at returning phone calls. We'd highly recommend your company.

Best Regards,

Ace & Harlean Oswell

April 12, 2017

To Whom it may concern;

In April 2017, we contracted Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc to replace our failing roof, based on reputation, cost and past experiences with JLE, Inc.

The crew of about 10 showed up and had 37 squares of shingles removed, ridge line vented and roof tarp'ed, by the end of day one. They even began re-roofing on day one. By late afternoon on the second day, the job was completely done. There was no sign of anyone even ever being at my house other than a beautiful new roof with ridgeline vents.

I was very pleased with the professionalism of the entire crew. They even asked how I wanted the bathroom vent (Choice of roof vent) finished, and they connected the vent hose to the vent.

A job well done by a crew of all great people. I highly recommend Jared Langley roofing for all of your roofing or remodel needs. I'm so impressed; I will most likely be contracting with JLE Inc to replace one of my old sliding glass patio doors this fall.

If you would like to see the work performed, feel free to look at my roof during the day... it is finished with Certain Teed shingles in the burnt Sienna color scheme. Address is 9705 Lolo Creek Rd. . Lolo, MT



Dear Mr. Langley,

This letter is sent as a thank you for the positive experience with Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc. After the first consultation regarding my basement flood mitigation and remodel, I was confident that the project would be done professionally, and it was.

Your company demonstrated diligence and efficiency in the project management of everything from communicating with the insurance company, to demolition, to finish work. I was always kept up-to-date on work being performed as ell as what was coming next, Thank you for your responsiveness to changes in design elements and the attention to detail in completing those elements.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jared Langley Enterprises to family and friends.

Amy M. Cook

March 25, 2017

To Whom It May Concern,

I'm writing to thank Jared Langley and his crew for their recent work replacing our roof and fascia. They were very professional and complete in their work from beginning to end. Their estimate was right on and their added advice for other work (the fascia) greatly appreciated. The new look is a beautiful addition to our house. We had been experiencing a small leak near a vent which the new roof has now stopped. We are grateful for that as it will ensure that the integrity of the roof is now assured.

We would definitely recommend Jared Langley Enterprises for anyone wishing a competent, honest, and professional company for their housing needs.

Ron & Melanie

March 23, 2017

Hello Jared,

My husband Murray and I want to let you know how much we appreciate what you've done for us at our Butler creek home in Missoula. After our dishwasher flooded our kitchen and basement room, your restoration company put our home back together in a way where we can't tell anything ever happened.

Safeco, our insurance company, recommended you after we had another contractor on site and to say the least, you, your company and the way you attended to our needs and the attention you gave us was such a "breath of fresh air". Honestly, you made us feel like we were your only client and it turned a previously horrible, extremely frustrating, hair pulling and time exhausting experience into one where we won't ever hesitate to recommend your company and Safeco in the future. You make a great team!
We both know you handle hundreds of these types of insurance claims each year and not just in Montana as we've got properties in other states you work in, so to feel like we were your only client was a blessing in such a stressful time. With much enthusiasm.. ..... THANK YOU!! Murray and I now feel like you're family.

The additional tasks we've come to rely on you for, which were above and beyond the claim, were responded to with speed, efficiency and a kindness we thought had been lost several generations ago. We mentioned we were contemplating selling one of our Missoula properties and after you'd asked us several questions, Erin, the Realtor you recommended and subsequently we hired, was exactly as you promised. Our property, within a few short weeks, is now sold. This is what we call service!

Sincerely ,
Bonnie E.

Jared Langley Roofing & Remodel,

When you are out of town and the wife calls to tell you that there is water leaking into the kitchen, you call the first team that comes to mind. That team was Jared Langley Roofing. The reason they came to mind was because of their reputation. I have had a lot of people say that their experience with this company was great. I am here to tell you that this reputation was upheld.

As soon as we called in with the leak, they quickly had someone come out, in less than optimal conditions, and patch our roof. They also patched an area of concern that I had not even noticed. An estimate for repairs was given in a very timely matter. The estimate was thoroughly gone over with me as well as possible options. Wen my insurance got involved, they took over and handled all of that as well.

When it was time to perform the work, the crew boss let me know what they were doing each step of the way. They were never in our way, which was hard to believe since they were replacing our entire roof. The work space was always tidy and all of our items that were moved for the repair were put back into place when done.

At every point in our dilemma, we were handled promptly and professionally. I will recommend Jared Langley Roofing to anyone needing work around their house. Their professional services made a bad situation seem like it never happened. All worry and concern was eliminated with one phone calls.

Thank you Jared Langley Roofing!
Jack and Amber S.

You are SUCH a blessing!

First, you fixed the leak; second, you didn't charge me... what a blessing to me! Thank you SO much. I continue to pray favor and blessing on you and your business. Be safe!!


To: Whom it may concern
From: Tim and Lilli in Stevensville, MT

In December 2015, we experienced a house fire with considerable fire, smoke and water damage. Walls had to be replaced - as well as the bathrooms, laundry, kitchen, attic, flooring and some windows. There was a lot of reconstruction to do and was an extremely stressful situation to face. Jared Langley handled all the big and small details. He represented us with the insurance company and was an advocate for us, as well as overseeing the rebuilding of our home. He and his crew were polite and professional and the process rolled on like clockwork. We were kept informed of each step. They worked hard and steady to get us back into our home. And, the workmanship is beautiful. These are good, reliable and honest people to have working for you. I would not hesitate to recommend them, no matter how big the job.

Thank you to Jared and your exceptional crew for taking on this project - doing a great job - and getting us back into our home.


Tim and Lilli O.

June 28, 2016


Thanks for your professional way of helping us get our re-roof done. You and your crew presented themselves in a respectful and professional manner. Your way of explaining your services and processes were good and helpful, clear and welcoming. Thanks for working with us and we will recommend you to others.

Brandon and Jane

June 6, 2016

To Whom it May Concern,

Jared Langley Enterprises, to me, is what they call a model company. Every other company out there in the construction business, should be striving to be what JLE is!

Straight forward and to the point. My home of 5 was flooded by a toilet that didn't want to stop running. The water ran through the sub flooring and into our finished basement, gushing out of a light fixture! There was tremendous water damage! After a water mitigation company came out and got rid of all excess moisture, Jared Langley himself came to our home and introduced himself to us, along with the team he had assembled to get our home back to normal. Actually when the job was finished, it looked a lot better than it had before! He was able to replace all of the hardwood flooring with brand new flooring. My wife and I were so excited! Also, when the plumber couldn't hook back up our stove for the weekend, he made a few calls and BAM! He had someone come straight out that same night and get the job done.

I would by far, most definitely recommend Jared Langley Enterprises for any construction jobs you may need in the city of Coeur D' Alene, and anywhere else! Job well done Jared! A+++ rating from us!

Seth & Devorey Thomas

June 6, 2016

Dear Mr. Langley:

We are writing this letter of recommendation for you and your company, on behalf of the work that was completed on our home, May 2016. During the first week of June 2015, our tile roof received damage from a wind storm that came through the Bitterroot Valley. We contacted four roofing companies, and yours was the second to respond, but the first to book an actual viewing for an estimate. Mr. Langley, you were amazing. You did all the footwork for us with our insurance company.

Our log home is actually three stories on the east side, and two on the west. The home also has metal roofing on several patio areas, attached garage, and a sunroom that needed to be protected. You were adamant with the insurance adjuster and insurance company to protect the logs, as well as the metal on those areas mentioned above. You held your ground with the adjuster and insurance company, and we have a wonderful roof replacement on our home. This process seemed to take forever, going back and forth with what was needed and what they wanted to cut out from the replacement roof, and protection of the metal and logs on our home. After many back and forth e-mails an agreement was finally agreed upon.

The crew you sent out to the house to protect the logs and metal, finished the framing in one day, even with the rain. The project needed to cover quite a bit of the house and walkways on the metal roofing. We were quite impressed it was completed in one day. Likewise the roofing crew worked extremely hard to complete the job, even before the date of we had requested it be finished. All the crews were professional, and very intent on keeping areas clear so that we could enter or garages, and drive in and out.

Again, we would like to thank you, your company, and crews for a job well done. If at any time you would like additional letters of recommendations, or would like a verbal recommendation for any future clients, please feel free to call.

Thank you, Roy & Elsie Mears
Darby, Montana

Thank you for the outstanding service you provided us during a seven-month long battle with our insurance company. Without your expert support, we would not have recovered the replacement cost of our damaged roof after the record windstorm on August 11, 2015.

Initially, we received a check for less than half of the total cost and our insurance representative convinced us that was the full extent of their obligation. We were left in limbo, trying to figure out how to pay the balance and when we would be able to protect our home. Our only hope was that the weather would hold out and we could get it done eventually.

In November after contacting you, everything changed. We were in the hands of an expert as you exchanged several e-mails with our insurance company. The information you provided them and us regarding their lawful responsibility for the whole cost helped them changed their position and pay the full balance. You represented us professionally and respectfully.

Earlier this week you crew came to our home and replaced our roof in two days! Like you, they were professional, efficient, and respectful. Amazingly, there is no debris left on the lawn and one could never tell we had a work crew here.

We cannot express our thanks enough. It is comforting to know our house is protected AND it is beautiful.

Jody and Kim P

I am so pleased with my new roof! I count on it lasting "forever".

The 4 worker bees from your company were so professional. They did their work efficiently, were courteous and polite, and worked whether it was drizzling or snowing.

This is the second big job your company has done for me, both with excellent and attractive results.

When I phoned to ask a question, the receptionist put Jared on the phone to answer it. That shows his high level of commitment to the company and the goal of satisfied customers.

I would not hesitate to have your company do other home improvement projects. No wonder that you have a rating of AAA with the Better Business Bureau.

Frances G.

Langley Construction handled the repairs after a recent washing machine malfunction damaged my home. Water can do a surprising amount of damage in a very short time. Fortunately, fast work by my family and the Coeur d' Alene Servepro crew minimized the damage done by water.

Our insurance company helped us locate Langley Construction to repair the damage that was done. Jared Langley brought a crew of persons who met at our home to introduce us to the subcontractors and go over what needed to be done, It was very helpful to have everyone there at one time for the first assessment. I was out of state during the actual repair work (drywall, wall, retexturing, painting, replacing molding and carpet padding). It was lovely to return to a home that was not only back to the way it was, but in many cases better. The molding looked better, the walls that were painted looked nicer, and I could not tell where the repaired drywall and the new drywall met.

We also had some work done that was not part of the floor repair. Bifold doors (which needed to be custom fit), wide molding, and repair of the drywall surrounding the second laundry room was done as an additional scope of work and I am very pleased with the result.

Jared Langley, the owner of the company does an excellent job of communication - by email, phone and in person.


Fran D.

March 11, 2015

At the end of July, 2015 we had Jared Langley Roofing and Remodel put a new roof on our house and Jared's employees, Bill and his crew did a great job for us. We had numerous flower beds surrounding the house and they took care to not damage them while tearing off the roof and replacing the shingles.

Bill and his crew showed up on time everyday as they said they would and worked in a safe and efficient manner.

We would recommend Jared Langley Roofing & Remodel for your next construction job.

David & Rose H.

September 25th, 2015

To whom it may concern,

Jared and his crew are as professional as they come in the construction industry. Jared is prompt, courteous and very thorough. He knows how to work back with the insurance companies and keep stress levels to a minimum. JLE has assembled a solid team in Coeur d'Alene capable of getting the job done quickly and to the highest quality standards. I'm thankful we have this mess behind us and that we chose Jared Langley Enterprises to carry out the repairs.

I would highly recommend Jared and team to anyone needing work done to their home.

R Diaz

Nearly eight years ago we had our roof replaced by Jared Langley Roofing & Remodel. The job they did was excellent. They worked quickly and cleaned up every day after work was done. They installed extra roof venting and advised us to change out and add to our gutter system. We were very pleased with the result.

Last spring Jared contacted us saying that the roofing product they had used had been recalled. Fortunately, we had excellent insurance on the roof. He came out and examined the roof to determine that the product on our roof was, indeed, wearing out faster than it should have. After Jared helped us with all of the paperwork to make our claim, we received news that the roof would be replaced. We only had to pay for delivery of new materials, disposal of old materials, and a new insurance policy as per the requirements of the initial policy.

Before the cold weather hit, our new roof was on the house. Again, the work was done quickly and carefully. Our windows were covered when the roof was removed and the entire perimeter of our house was tarped. The men worked safely using harnessing while on the roof. They started work promptly every morning and communicated with us if necessary. We are very pleased with the new roof and hope it lasts us long into the future.

Thanks Jared Langley and Team!

Jim & Sue D.

November 11, 2015

Hi Jared,

I just wanted you to know how thrilled Neel and I are with the work that you and your team have done for us. Everything that was agreed upon was done with high-quality materials and great care was taken to have the new pieces of the garage match with existing ones; we thought we'd have to go back and paint to match things up, but, no, it's all perfect, on time and done with precision. I guess this is what "professional" looks like!

Sally Hammond


Thank you so much for a job well done. We notice our home is cooler too.

Thanks again,

Don & Helen R.

June 3, 2013

Karen Hull

Dear Jared,

Thank you so much for your help and expertise in putting together a plan to complete some home improvements that were needed.

The utility sink and hot water circulator installation have been completed and I wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with this portion of the project. The plumber, Brandon, did an excellent job and kept me informed through every step of the work. He was professional, yet personable and very hard working.

It is so nice to now have "immediate" hot water in my bathrooms. I look forward to working with your crew on the next phase of this project.


Karen Hull

Concrete Division


I had to write and commend you all for the recent concrete work you did at my home.

I was out of town for several days, and the job was completed when I returned, and I was so pleased with the results. From start to finish it was done in an efficient and speedy manner.

All of the workmen were polite and appeared exactly when they said they would. All debris was completely removed.

I had been wanting to have this job done for a long time but was afraid to call "just anyone".

My late husband was a fine general contractor so we never had to hire anyone. Also, he spoiled me with his fine workmanship. I know good construction when I see it. And Langley's Construction was so well done that my perfectionist husband would definitely approve.

Everyone I met from Langley Construction, from Mr.Langley himself to the on-the-job gentlemen were professional and well trained.

Langley Construction is also scheduled to replace my roof that was damaged during a storm. I am confident that the roof replacement will also be quality construction, and I no doubt will be motivated again to write another well deserved letter of praise.

I will have no hesitation calling Langley Construction in the future for any repairs or remodeling.

If you want the best hire the best.

Frances G.

Dear Jared,

Thank you for the thoughtful email and cordial conversation this morning. Yes, indeed, it has truly been a fantastic week at my home.

I want to take this opportunity to let you and your work crew know that I'm very pleased with the restoration of my roof, the fascia replacement, electrical meter-box upgrade, the new garage and storm doors. Your crew of workers have done exemplary work thus far and should be commended for their labor, skills and construction talents. It will be very exciting to have the remaining home improvements, i.e. seamless gutters, window clapboards, etc., completed in the days to come. You and your crew really made Christmas come early for me this year. Thank you.

In the meanwhile, Jared, thank you and your crew for all that you have done for me and my home.

Best wishes,

Roger McDonald 11/28/2012

I recently had my roof done by Jared Langley Roofing and wanted to let anyone out there looking for a roofing or remodeling company to know that Jared Langley Roofing is Top Notch!

Jared and his staff are courteous and professional. Jared answered all my questions and helped me be comfortable with the whole process, and his roofing crew was amazing! They came out in the morning and my roof was completed that same day. The workers were highly qualified and cleaned up afterwards. The roof is beautiful!!

I would highly recommend this company to anyone and everyone I meet! I will be having them back when I'm read to remodel my deck. These guys are Great!!!!

Thank you so much Jared, you really are the best!


Denise & Tom Strand 12/18/2012

Jared -

Thank you for the roofing job on my house in Stevensville.

Your tear-off crew was great and very nice to have around. That is a hard-working crew. Your roofer Bill was very accommodating and punctual. Good man to have around.

Things were kept very clean and tidy every day. I was very pleased.

I would definitely use your services again and will recommend you to others.

Bill Lyon

I am writing in reference to a recent job preformed for me by Jared Langley Roofing and Remodel.

I called Mr. Langley after discovering hail and snow damage on both my house and barn roofs. He was very prompt in coming out to assess the damages. After speaking with him and getting a quote, I hired him to do the job of replacing both roofs.

This was a complicated job as our two story home has a gambriel roof with dormers and needed a new metal roof. I was very concerned about the safety of the men doing the work. Mr. Langley provided the equipment to ensure their safety. I felt much better as I saw how he proceeded.

The work was completed in a timely, professional manner. I could not be happier with the end product.

I would additionally like to comment on Mr. Langley's professional manner in dealing with the homeowner's insurance adjuster. He saved me a lot of headaches by communicating with them himself. I very much appreciate this effort on his part.

All in all I had a very good experience with a project that was worrisome. Mr. Langley set me at ease and everything turned out above my expectations. I would recommend him to anyone with similar needs.


Roxane H. 02/27/2015

To Potential Customers,

In the middle of selling our house in Missoula, MT our house received hail and wind storm damage. Jared Langley came out immediately and took charge of the situation for us. He was phenomenal; he dealt with the insurance company, the Claims Adjuster, got the work done quickly , and he kept us in the loop at all times. I would highly recommend Jared Langley to any needing roofing or remodeling work.


Betty Vaughan 05/14/2013

For Anyone who needs a roof put on I definitely recommend Jared Langley for the job. Jared is excellent in running the entire operation and handling any obstacles that pop up. He keeps himself available to his client and will answer all questions. He is very pleasant and professional.

Jared knows his business well and has employed excellent workers.

Bill Zabroski - field superintendent - is the most conscientious person I've had the pleasure of relying on. Bill made sure I understood what to expect and that all promises were kept. He also improved on previous work that had been done.

I was very pleased.


Frankie L.

Dear Jared,

We are extremely pleased with our kitchen remodel. The tile floor, counter tops and back splash look great! The new sink and faucet are "Icing on the cake!"

All of your crewmen were very professional and helpful!

Thank you,

Jim & Juanita

Subject: Roofing & Gutters

Dear Jared:

It's been a month now since the new shingles and just a few days for the gutters. It all looks wonderful!

A year ago, your company name was brought to my attention by a neighbor who was having her roof done. At the time - even though my roof desperately needed to be done - I couldn't financially. So now a year later, I paid her a visit and got your information. She was pleased with the work you had done for her, and "Jared Langley Roofing" was highly recommended.

I scheduled an appointment, and you came to give an estimate. From the get-go, you were very friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. Even in my anxiousness, after I had signed on the dotted line, you answered my questions and you were even willing to drive me around the Missoula area to look at other roofs. Oh silly me, but you put my mind at ease!

The day finally came for new shingles. Your crew was amazing! My yard and landscaping was very well protected, and I didn't have to do any clean-up. WOW, what a concept.

A company from Hamilton came to do the gutters and once again, the 2 man crew were very kind and professional.

So, in closing, I can now see for myself why your company is a talked-about-name in the Missoula area. Thanks for everything!


Deb L.

Dear Jared,

A couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, 2 construction men (Bob and Tom, I believe) arrived to start work on the deck. I was impressed with the strong work ethic of these 2 young men. On a daily basis, a gentleman - another Tom, I believe, came by to inspect the job. This proved to me that you care enough about your clients to provide oversight even if your builders are skilled and trustworthy as these 2 clearly were. When the job was done, everything was picked up and taken away. I couldn't have been more pleased. I love my new deck and know that it is really well built.

I have to congratulate you for the work you and your team did. I would be happy to recommend your services at any time


Jayne Hanich 12/03/2012

This is to let you know how nice it is to deal with professionals. From the office staff to your construction crew.

When your crew replaced our house roof and again, just this last week, our patio roof, we found our property clean and neat, with no trace of mess either time. All of the crew seemed to work well togther, getting the job accomplished in record time.

They were very pleasant to have on our jobs and we are certainly satisfied.

We would not hesitate to recommend your firm in the future.

Tom Adams

I love my new roof. The job boss was great. He thoroughly answered all of my questions. I was going to buy pizza for their lunch Wednesday but I guess they got done Tuesday.

Thank for everything.

Karla K.

We've had a great experience! Not only were they kind, considerate and friendly but handled all conflicts with city!
We're grateful for all you've done for us!

Wanda M

Very friendly service and excellent work. I would definitely use them again if needed.

Diane B

They came in and did an excellent job on replacing our roof and installing our gutters. Very friendly service from the whole staff. Very easy to work with and would refer them to other families.
Tyerell S

Another fine experience working with Jared and his crews. Had to divert water from rain gutter pooling around sidewalk and foundation to a drainage area across the driveway. They came up with a plan that spared my lawn and landscaping. Everything looks great with the concrete driveway and the drainage pipe running under it. Also used Jared back in 2010 for a new roof and a new back porch with roof. He still has a picture of the porch in his photo gallery , it all still looks great . Will use again !

wayne m

After experiencing contractors who didn't respect our timetable, or sent us inflated bids and sometimes didn't even return our request for an estimate, you were a breath of fresh air! After a couple of days you showed up with answers to all of our questions and sent us a competitive bid. Two weeks later a skilled crew removed the deteriorated shingles and installed new waterproof underlayment. Two days after that we had a beautiful new roof followed by a thorough inspection and cleanup. Thank you for your professionalism and a job well done!

Doug D

The Langley team showed up early, had the roof off, cleaned up, and the new roof back on... in ONE day! They even left the landscape in better condition than when they arrived! We will use them again should any need arise. Well done y'all. Thank you.
Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism, Value

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Pamela K

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
I contacted 5 area roofing contractors the day before the Memorial Day weekend to get estimates to replace the 20 year old roofs on our house and garage. This was not an emergency, but I wanted to get on someone's docket for the job to be done this summer. Jared was the first to respond with a promise that an estimator would contact me as soon as the holiday weekend was over. Several of the other contractors have never responded. Jared himself was in my driveway the following Tuesday. He walked me through the process and discussed his recommendations, plan, materials, how the work would be done, and provided a comprehensive portfolio of his business and services. I had a detailed quote on Wednesday with the promise that a crew could be on the job the next week. Jared clearly wanted my business, and he wants to earn it, not just get it by default. The approximately 4,400 square feet of what I consider challenging roof replacement (two stories, 3 dormers, fairly steep slopes) was completed in one and a half days by Langley's crew. A huge mess is created by roof demolition and replacement, and before the crew left at the completion of the project on the 2nd day, you could not tell anything had taken place, other than a great looking, high quality new GAF shingle roof on top. I highly recommend Langley Roofing as a company you can count on.

Don B

We set up our deck replacement at the very end of last fall. Jared was prompt with the deck plans and permits. He answered every question quickly and professionally. We had to wait for the snow to go away, but once the ground was thawed and the rain let up, his team made quick work of removing the 50 yr old deck and replacing it with a new one in less than 2 weeks. His crew were professional, courteous, kind and went above to make sure everything was installed exactly how we wanted it, down to replacing the paving stones below the deck. I would recommend this company highly to everyone.
Responsiveness, Quality, Professionalism

Deck construction, Remodeling

Gina S

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
The tile roof on my garage needed to be replaced, but most contractors weren't interested. Too small. Jared was very professional and willing to take it on. Molly worked hard to fit us into their schedule, the crew showed up and had it finished in a few hours. If we didn't have a brand new roof (that amazingly matches the house) you wouldn't even know they had been here. They were quiet, quick and very efficient. We like to be able to stay local, too.
Service: Roofing

Margaret A

Jared Langley did an amazing job roofing my house! They were extremely prompt, professional, and fast. They completed the work ahead of schedule and it looks great! I don't hesitate to recommend them for your roofing needs!
Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism

Installation, Roofing

Bryce B


Gutter installation, Roof installation

Travis D

Prompt and professional, I got all my questions answered, and the quotes I need to have my roof, gutters and skylight done next Spring. The quotes were in line with the other quotes I got, but Jared didn't give me the hard sell, or make me feel like it was an emergency that needed to be done right away. He even gave advice on how to repair the skylight ourselves, to get us through this winter.

Julia L

Jared outfitted five of my Hellgate High School Building Trades students with thier own tool bags and tools. These kiddo's now get to keep their bags when they finish the class. This should give them that extra confidence to start one of the many careers in the construction industry. Thank you for taking an interest in our next generation of builders. They are lucky to have buisiness like Jared Langley's that care about the community they live and work in.

Charles R

Friendly service in a timely manner. Very thorough and knowledgeable.


Services: Roofing, Roof installation
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Trevor W

Jared Langley and his crew did an exceptional job replacing the roof on our house. Jared was great to work with through the entire process and always answered any questions we had in a timely manner. His crew was professional, hard working, cleaned up at the end of each day, and our new roof looks amazing. We would highly recommend Jared and his team to anyone!
Responsiveness, Quality, Professionalism

Roof installation

Aubrey S

This is the second time we used Jared Langley to replace the roof on our homes. He is always willing to answer questions and or concerns we had. On our first home he helped us with our home owners insurance. We were grateful for that. That was 25 years ago. We got a couple other bids and Jared's estimate was close. We had a great experience many years ago and it was the same this time. His crew was awesome. We will recommend them to all our friends and family.
Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism

Roofing, Roof installation
Janis B

Jared and his Team were extremely helpful during the entire process of replacing our roof due to wind damage. Everyone from the top down was helpful and professional.

It took only 2 days from start to finish to complete the work on both the house and detached garage. One day to rip all the old shingles off, with no mess left for us to see when we got home, and one day to install the new shingles.

I would highly recommend Jared Langley Roofing and his team. Thanks Jared!
Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism, Value

Roof repair for storm & wind damage, Roof repair

Tina B

I would highly recommend!! I had issues with my insurance company and Jared fought to get the claim paid. (Even though the insurance company sucks!!)
They got the roof done in a timely fashion. His crew was funny and a pleasure. No mess afterwards at all.
Thank you for making this horrible situation better!
Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism, Value

Roof inspection, Roof installation

Michelle O

I have had some horrible roofing experiences and this was so much better. Jared did such a thorough job with his inspection that we won the nasty fight to get the roof covered by insurance and they admitted it was due to his report and pictures. The roofers were so respectful of our property (other companies did actual damage to our home and landscaping), cleaned up every day, and just did a beautiful job on the roof as a whole. Really happy with the job they did.
Responsiveness, Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism

Roof repair for storm & wind damage, Roof inspection, Roof installation

Marilyn's G