A Kitchen Remodel to Remember

The summer moves on and things here at the Missoula office are busy, busy, busy! We’ve done many a roof in the past weeks, along with a few other exciting projects, including this awesome kitchen remodel! For many, the kitchen is a gathering place, a hub of family activity, and having a kitchen that functions well and feels good is an important part of any home. A family’s needs can change over time, however, and sometimes that kitchen requires a little updating to keep it looking sharp and feeling homey. This remodel involved bringing together a lot of smaller elements – flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and backsplash, to name a few – to create a cohesive look that the homeowner loved, so we enlisted the help of a designer to assist in coordinating everything and making the space look amazing. Once the selections were made, it was time to put our talented professionals to work. The finished product gave an old, familiar space an entirely new feeling! Before 1 (1) Before 2After