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Water is wonderful for many things; unfortunately it can also cause freakish amounts of damage.  Water damage can be extremely harmful to your residence or business. At Langley Restoration Contracting, We’re here to help take the pressure off of you in those times of panic. Many homes experience some sort of water damage at one time or another.  A helpful tip is to always know where your main shut off valve is located, in case of an incident. We recommend, even labeling it, so even if you’re not the one looking, it can be found quickly. At Langley Restoration Services, our main goal is your safety and the comfort/protection of your home. We will work as quickly and safely as we can to limit inconvenience for you and your loved ones.

If you experience a water emergency, first, make sure the source of the water is turned off as quickly as possible, as long as it’s safe, and then call us ASAP. If you are able to, w/out risk of shock, turn off the breaker/s to the room/s of the damaged or wet area/s before you unplug or move any electrical devices on the wet carpet. You can place aluminum foil under furniture if it’s sitting on the wet carpet to help avoid staining your flooring. Do not put newspaper or magazines down as this can have the opposite effect. We recommend giving us a call for the water extraction and furniture removal/cleaning and drying.  We’d prefer our clients not get shocked and your safety is our first priority. We can repair your home back to pristine condition! With this being said, we always like to point out the obvious. Being electrocuted is something we’d like to help you to avoid, so, please, call us first.

With an open line of communication we’ll keep you informed at all times so you know what to expect. No matter what the damage is, you can be sure Langley Restoration will get it handled. The quicker it’s cleaned up, the better. We want to limit future water damage and prevent structural/mold problems. Our teams know what to look for & can understand what day to day items mean to your family. We will first remove any standing water and damaged materials. Water is tricky.  It’ll typically travel up walls and under base molding. When you retain Langley Restoration, we’ll be looking at all areas to prevent future issues. If structures are not properly dried out quickly by our water mitigation crew it can become the perfect host for mold growth which endangers the health of your family and yourself. Cleaning and sanitizing are a major part of water restoration. Once the drying, cleaning and sanitizing are done we can also complete any rebuilding that’ll be needed. Langley Restoration Contractors will always leave your home in the shape it was in, or better than, prior to the incident occurrence. We are the one stop contractor for your water loss to dry-out to re-build and completion needs. We’ll deal with your insurance company at your direction, so you don’t have to.  We can also help out with early water detection devices and labelling of all systems.

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