Spring Remodel Starts & Ideas

I think we can all agree that this winter has been one of the most arduous winters that we have seen in the most recent years.  With school closures that we have not seen since 1996, slippery roads and what seems like endless snow shoveling, I think a majority of us can say that we are thankful to see that spring has finally arrived!  Now that spring has arrived, we look to our homes to begin our spring cleaning as well as begin to plan our home remodeling projects, both for the inside and the outside.  Let’s look at three of the most important kitchen remodeling projects to get you started on your to-do list!

We suggest starting in your kitchen because it’s one of the most visited places in your home when you have guests and out of town relatives staying with you.  By starting in your kitchen in the spring, you are also able to avoid the spring time showers outside and stay warm and dry inside.  Let’s get your kitchen ready to entertain by summer by simply considering these three top remodeling ideas and projects:

  1. Add colorful backsplash or update wall color.  Seems easy?  It is!  It is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to create a new feeling atmosphere in your home and to your kitchen.  Just a little change sometimes goes a long ways.  If you’re looking to stay trendy and with the top trends, this year you should utilize neutral, pastel hues.  A shade of light blue reminiscent of the sky and a beige color similar to sand are some illustrations.  These colors do not overpower the synchronization of the room, they do however, induce a sense of peace in the home.
  2. Elect for better light fixtures: If you only have one window in your kitchen, and it’s on the opposite side, or you only have a ceiling light, you will benefit greatly from adding additional light fixtures.  Consider installing strip lights under the cabinets instead of using puck lights to provide a more balanced lighting scheme.  We all know that bright lights have a direct effect to our moods, making us feel more energized and happier.
  3. Capitalize in new countertops: A vast majority of us take our countertops for granted.  We can forget how much it ultimately impacts the overall quality of our kitchens.  Once updated, countertops can immediately enhance the space by making it fresh and modern (if that is the look you are aiming for).  By choosing natural stones such as granite countertops and marble, you won’t have to worry about its resilience and whether or not it is “in style”.  They are sturdy, easy to clean and best of all, they are aesthetically-pleasing.

Lastly, the most important step in any home remodeling project and decision is the organization.  Start your spring cleaning and begin to weed out any of your unwanted or unused items.  If you don’t use them or they are broken, get rid of them.  Clear out the unnecessary clutter.  The new renovations will not only impress your family and your guests but it will make you feel better.  Additionally, it will also improve and increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it in the future.  We serve Montana, Washington and Idaho.  Give us a call 406-251-6900!