DIY Disasters

According to the Housing and Urban Development and the U.S. Census Bureau, in the recent years, 37 percent of home remodeling projects nationwide are now being performed by home owner do-it-yourselfers (DIY).

With the growing popularity of programming on television that is dedicated to home improvement such as HGTV and the DIY Network, as well as the economic hardships, we believe that this may be what is inspiring homeowners to take on their own home fixes and decorating challenges. However, it is important that as home owners, you consider the safety risks, time delays and hidden costs before attempting DIY home improvements. Additionally, television actors have multiple “takes” to get it right, we only have one – and that’s all we need!

Remodeling industry professionals report that about 30 percent of their work comes from fixing DIY fiascos.  As a homeowner, you should consider what your options are if you are unable to handle the unforeseen situation, if it should arise.  Ask yourself, “If this happens, will I be able to fix it?” If you have even the slightest doubts in your mind, hire Jared Langley Roofing & Remodel and Langley Construction & Development. Patrons are cautioned not to take on more than they are capable of doing both in terms of time and skill. There are some simple home improvement projects that most any DIYers are capable of doing such as hanging pictures, caulking, interior painting, and changing cabinet pulls and door knobs; and homeowners with the correct tools and a higher skill level should be able to tackle some aesthetic work such as installing crown molding. However, there are many influences home owners need to consider before beginning a DIY home improvement project, including:

Permitting and Codes – When you do a home remodeling project, some aspects of the project will require having a permit.  There are costs involved in getting the permits.  From submitting the permits, to permit reviews, to the inspections themselves.  Do you also know that there are standards set in place, “codes” that must be met by a majority of home remodeling projects in order to ensure your safety?  We at Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc. are licensed and insured to meet these code requirements that not only protect you as the homeowner, but also protect one of your largest investments, your home!

Time — DIY projects may typically take longer than expected, and trying to complete a project in the evenings or weekends usually means living with a home in disarray for weeks or even months. Hiring Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc. means you will have a contract with a completion date and that we will bring in whatever help is necessary to get the job finished on time — and most importantly, we will deal with any unexpected issues that come up in a timely manner.

Safety — Extreme caution must be used when using new tools and trying new methods, as with most new adventures and journeys not having the proper training and preparation can lead to accidents—sometimes life-threatening ones. A homeowner needs to put considerable thought into their skill level and experience before taking on a project that may require a license, the need for working with electricity, or making structural changes to walls, roofs and floors.

Hidden Costs — Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc. has all the tools we need to complete the work on your home and can have anywhere from ten to thirty thousand dollars in tools needed to complete your home remodeling projects. Doing it yourself however, you may need to purchase tools that may only be needed for that one project, then sit around taking up space which is not only a hassle, but ultimately ends up to be a waste of money. Having Jared Langley Enterprises, Inc. as your professional remodeling company eliminates the unnecessary need for you to have to purchase tools for a one time use.  Also, if a homeowner makes a mistake installing a product, you may void the warranty and have to buy new materials to do it over again, therefor costing you substantially more money.

Remember, DIY projects should be fun and suit your skill level. If they’re not, then consider your local remodeling professional, Jared Langley Enterprise, Inc.  We serve Montana, Idaho and Washington.